The advantages of Trivec’s AS 120 paint waste water disposal system:

-Brush cleaning in a fast way
-Larger capacity for intensive use
-No more paint in the sewer
-No fines for an environmental crime
-No high costs for disposal of chemical waste because the water is separated from the paint
-With the K version reuse of cleaned paint water



The Trivec AS120 wastewater system is used to purify wastewater in an environmentally responsible manner from water-based paints, lacquers, adhesives, stains and inks.

This wastewater system is ideal for companies or government agencies that need to process a medium amount of wastewater. The AS120 series are available as type A or type K. The type K has water recycling so you can reuse water that has been cleaned.

Type A is directly connected to a water pipe and Type K is equipped with an integrated pump with pneumatic foot control.

We have made a video so you can see how easy working with a paint waste water disposal system is. This video explains working with the AS80. The AS120 works the same but gives you more comfort by letting you clean more tools without having to reload the machine.



Additional information

Inhoud spoelreservoir

120 liter

Inhoud voorraadreservoir

120 liter

Inhoud filtercontainer

2x 60 liter

Lengte - breedte - hoogte

1400 x 700 x 1280

Elektrische aansluiting

230 V / 50 Hz

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